8 Ways to Use Instagram as a Marketing Tool for Your Business



Do You Know? Instagram has over 500 million monthly active users and is growing almost 10x faster than Facebook and Twitter. The posts in Instagram get 308% more engagement than on Facebook and 1313% more than on Twitter.

Today, I am going to share 8 proven ways to use Instagram as a marketing tool for your business. But before that here are three special reason to use Instagram for your business.

You must have heard in your business community that by using Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media App, some businesses have reached a height that they had never expected. There is no myth in that. The proven worth of these apps have made these Apps an indispensable part of some businesses. Talking specifically about Instagram, there are three special reasons which establishes Instagram as an all-important part for business marketing.

Reason 1 – Instagram makes it easy for any business to find its targeted user

Tip: Use Hashtags with your photos

If you have used Twitter, you must be knowing how useful the use of hashtag is. Like Twitter, you can use #hashtags on instagram too. Adding hashtags to pictures with their keywords or phrases makes it easy to search for any targeted hashtags. This practice makes it easy to find targeted users and engage them with your business.

Reason 2 – Using Instagram makes the communication easy

Tip: Use ‘@’ sign with any username in the comment section to thank or reward any user.

It is always a good practice to thank or reward your most faithful or trusted customer. Nothing could be better or easy than thanking them on Instagram or giving them a discount coupon online. You can do it easily by posting a picture on Instagram and mentioning the specific user by adding the @sign. Use the ‘@’ sign in the comment section. E.g. @specificusername.

Reason 3 – With Instagram effective marketing messages one can create undeletable impressions on the mind of consumers

Tip: Share your blog posts or anything worth sharing by creating beautiful and presentable pictures.

Pics create more impact on mind than words. Using beautiful pictures for sharing products, blog posts or promotions has been made all the more easy with Instagram. A picture tells a thousand words and a beautiful picture makes the person spellbound. So use the most beautiful and creative pictures to engage your consumers.

8 Ways to Use Instagram as a Marketing Tool for Your Business

Display Your Product

‘More it shows, the more it sells.’ This is a common saying in the marketing world. It is true in the real sense, with only a few exceptions. For increasing business by using Instagram, what you need to do first is to display all the products or collection of them on Instagram. While sharing photos of the product, remember to share the photo of that product first, which is new or lesser-known to others. Create a photo quiz by zooming in on a specific product and then asking your Instagram followers to guess about that product. This quizzing is helpful in two ways: (a) First, it engages the reader in a fun way. (b) Second, once the product is identified, it establishes itself in the mind of the reader for long.

Discuss or Show the Manufacturing Process of Your Product

Inquisitive people are more interested to know the answer of ‘How’, more than ‘What’. So after displaying your product to them, discuss the manufacturing process of it. There are two benefits of it, at one hand it increases the knowledge of the reader and on the other, it increases the credibility and brand value of your product. If you feel that the process is quite a detailed one, you can divide your post in multiple parts to make it more comprehensible, interesting and easy to read.  Explain the process fully i.e. right from the planning to delivery, explain everything.

Show Them The Unusual

Make them watch something in your post that is other than the usual. An easy trick is to use moments that your followers or customers, seldom or do not ever experience in their life. Giving a backstage pass to your followers is the best thing you can offer to them.

Show Your Product’s Ability

A large demand can be created for your product by delineating new or novel uses of your product to your consumers. Capturing the imagination of consumers is one of the most effective marketing technique to raise a huge demand for your product. Emphasize more and more on the uniqueness of your product. Why your product is unique and what wonders can it do for its consumer are two important aspects which needs to be clarified fully to all.

Engage Consumers by Showing Your Office and Employees

Again and again, posting about your products bore your consumers sometimes. To make your followers feel as a part of your life, display a side of your life to them. Posting photos that show your life at office makes your posts interesting and engaging. Post frequent photos of your office, workers, brainstorming meeting sessions or some special days celebrated in your office to make your post juicy for them.

Sometimes Take Your Customers Along With You

In business, going to a trade-show is a common practice. Similarly sponsoring any event, organizing a press-conference or party etc. is also an indelible part of any business. Use these practices as an opportunity to take your Instagram followers wherever you go. This practice makes them feel as a part of your organization and not any spectator.

Share Positive and Life-Inspiring Thoughts

People now-a-day, often search the web for positive, thought-provoking and inspirational photos.  You will be surprised to find that this love of consumers can be turned into an Instagram Marketing opportunity. This tactics of posting frequent inspirational quoted and msgs can make yourself readily visible to your Instagram followers. But the successful use of this technique depends on how unique your thoughts and photos are. Avoid the use of overused thoughts and photos. Search for the unique ones or develop something unique yourself, in order to engage your followers. This practice builds a strong relationship with the followers and make them learn about your business in an interactive and interesting way.

Running Instagram Contests

Organizing Instagram Contests or Competitions is now a very popular way to gain new followers or consumers. You can use an array of competitions like ‘Like to Win Contests’, ‘Hashtag User-Generated Content Contests’ or ‘E-mail gated contests’. Contests are the best ways to engage your followers with your brand. Once you host any contest, do not forget to share it with your friends and all the followers. Make the process of finalizing results as the most interesting part of the entire process.

Bonus – 5 Tips for using Instagram as a Marketing Tool

  1. Creativity is the essence of any marketing campaign. Present your picture in a creative way, or use it in an innovative way to promote your company. If you do not take care of it you may end up in an ineffective Instagram Marketing Campaign.
  2. Post pictures other than just your company to make your posts more interesting and engaging.
  3. Quiz your followers with every picture you share, in order to engage your followers and to turn the posting of photos into a fun activity.
  4. Never ignore any comment by any user. You need to be very prompt to reply to all the comments. Do it by using ‘@’ sign with the name of the user.
  5. Finalize your targeted keywords and use as many hashtags as possible. In a picture, do so in the caption of a picture.


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